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Having breakfast at the market

Fish at the market

Crab dinner

Veg....fern tops with fish and onions...very nice

Boat yard



Ringittland :)

Dinner tonight

30th Jan - got up this morning had breakfast and decided to go to kuala Terangganu. We thought we'd also withdraw some money using Guys debit card in order to pay our hotel and food when we check out. Drove there and saw a family of monkeys before we got to the main road. It took about 50 mins. The traffic was terrible. Found a car park eventually....initially, we thought we'd park in one place but it was a parking machine and we thought it was a short stay so didn't bother. Anyway, found a large car park which was used by everyone as a cut through escaping a traffic jam. Wandered around the city, a bit run down, no large shops just stall types. Also, on the harbour there was a market and some guys were doing a sound check so probably a concert or something tonight for the Chinese New Year? Continued pottering, found a loo...yuk but needed to go. Thank goodness I had a tissue! :/

Eventually, found a bank with an ATM machine. Transaction declined. Now of course, we'd told the bank where we were going etc so we went to another bank.....and another and another! Because of the time difference we couldn't ring the bank, so with Guy grumbling and getting worried, we made our way back to the car to go back to our accommodation. Made it back, grabbed my cards and went to the ATM in the garage up the road. I used the nationwide which worked but my natwest one didn't. Got back and rang the bank! Guys card had been stopped because we're in Malaysia, (huh! They knew that already!). My card however, is ok but I'd tried to withdraw over £250 by £30. Never mind, sorted now.

On our way back, we saw another family of monkeys, 3 babies and 1 adult. They weren't friendly:/ but they are wild!

For dinner, we had a fish steak, cabbage in coconut milk or something and rice, to drink there was fresh pineapple juice which was like a desert, yummy. Local coffee afterwards.

31st - went to the local market with Ena and Oya, bought some fruits, came home via the store, bought coke and went to the beach. For dinner we had crab. Never had crab before so really exciting and yum! Fruit for dessert and coffee and mango juice.

1st feb - decided to go to Pulau Duyung where we should have found local boatbuilding. No, not there. But there were fishing boats so had a wander. Then went to what we think is the floating mosque in Kuala Teregganu. Totally underdressed:/ I had a wrap so used that and just wandered around outside. Not really interested in going inside but it was very beautiful. On the way back we found the Malaysian version of poundland; the 2RM shop....brill, approx 38p. Went in and bought a few bits n pieces.

For dinner tonight, Ena said something about chicken so we'll wait to be surprised.

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