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On the road through the jungle

Mountains in the distance

Stopped at a service station for disgusting coffee but fab views

The garden at Summerland

Our first meal at Summerland

The king prawn and pineapple dish

Ok, so arrived at Summerland Retreat a day early because it wasn't as far as Guy thought. We coulda stayed on the way, but there was only one hotel which was nice and it was quite expensive and also, only half way so we'd have had to drive for a couple of hours the next day so decided to continue. Well, the drive was really uneventful. The roads are really good, mainly 2 lanes but sometimes on a hill, there's an overtaking lane. In fact, the roads are a little like UK roads so pretty easy really. The only 'motorway' type roads were the ones coming out of Penang, over the bridge and into Butterworth. They were toll roads, but in total we paid around 5RM in toll payments. Whilst driving, initially, the jungle was being cleared, but halfway here, the land is protected and it's 'proper jungle'. Road signs for beware or crossing tapirs, elephants and cows were abundant. How exciting! Saw a monkey but the most distressing thing was a dead tapir at the side of the road which had obviously been hit by a car or lorry or something. There were also other dead animals, possibly monkeys and just like we see dead foxes, badgers etc.

Well, we arrived at the town. Problem was, the satnav which was provided by the car hire company is a Garmin :/ they don't work well at the best of times, but when you're in a different country with no postcodes and you're not sure whether the numbers are street numbers or the names are road or town names it's pretty confusing. The sat nav left us at a roundabout. Well we knew the place was right on the beach so we turned left and drove a little way. Couldn't see anything so stopped at the police station....no English, no understand. Drove the other way and found the area we should have been in but there were little tiny lanes, no signage or directions so gave up. Drove up the road to a garage and asked. They gave drew a map....not a good move; we couldn't understand it properly. Drove back to the first place by which time it's getting dark. We ended up driving on a track up alongside the beach. Just turning around to give up when a car came in the other direction. I flagged it down and asked they way. Long story, they rang the phone number and we arranged to meet the owners of the property in a local restaurant and we followed them back.

It is absolutely beautiful. Lovely bed with red covers, new curtains (from ikea), sofa and coffee table great TV with channels we can watch, and a fabulous bathroom. Everything clean and fresh. Arranged for breakfast in the morning,

29th - Breakfast at 9:00am as arranged. Scrambled egg on toast and tea. Delicious. We went onto the beach for the whole day. Guy burned! Came back at around 3:00pm, changed and decided to lounge about on the hammocks in the garden.......oops, Guy fell out first and then, whilst he was engrossed in his book, the rope snapped and bang....he fell. Hysterically funny! He wasn't amused though, 𿘃

We'd arranged for Oya and Ena to cook dinner for us. It was delicious! We had rice with a dish consisting of oyster mushrooms and other veg and king prawn and pineapple curry. It was outstanding. To drink we had fresh lime juice and afterwards, coffee and talking.

Ok, so we're actually staying at Telaga Papan but the map won't recognise that so I've used the nearest large city which is about 60kms south.

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