Over this past week or so, Chris and I had three priorities: finding jobs, finding somewhere to live and getting our hair done. Hence of course we had nice new hair do's after the first day! We are still staying with friends Phil and Jade and have been to see a few places to live long term but have found only one suitable and it is not available for 5 weeks. So until then we are hunting for something temporary around the area we are currently staying in. Today I thought I would fly a few posters around to see whether anyone has a room to let temporarily (people seem to do this when they have a room to let out), however, have just had a worrying phone call from a guy who has offered a threesome-nice. Anyway, hopefully not everyone will interpret the poster in that way and we will get some sensible offers (although we do live in the gay capital of sydney). On the job front, Chris has a job for a week doing some stock taking in a warehouse and I have a job as a part time lab technician. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. Fortunately the job is not in pharmaceuticals but a further education college so all those who are concerned with my lack of lab skills (as I am!) don't worry about any dodgy medicines coming your way. So I shall crack on with my day. Take care all. Jo

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