Liz and John's South American Grand Cruise 2014 travel blog

John and Liz at Purto Montt

Colouful cathedral at Puerto Montt

Saturday to Monday, 25-27 January

Days 25-27 Chilean Fjords, Puerto Montt, Castro and Puerto Chacabuco, Chile

We've had a fabulous three days of cruising through the Chilean Fjords and have gone ashore to look at these medium sized ports in the shadow of the Andes. We haven't done any organised shore excursions but instead at Puerto Montt we caught the tender boat ashore (interesting with four Filipinos assisting me both on and off the boat. It was quite a walk to the sea front from the port with stairs and ramps and I couldn't take the scooter on the tender so managed with the walker) and we hailed a taxi. We asked them with sign language to take us to anywhere they thought was good pointing to our very basic map. We ended up going on a really good tour of the town, it's churches and a large lake in a nearby town called Puerto Varas. It was almost totally German inspired with two waves of German Families coming at the beginning of the century and after the war. All the buildings looked as though they had been transplanted from Bavaria. There were also some awesome views of three snow capped volcanoes in this very earthquake prone part of the world. However the volcanos are extinct.

We were taken back to town at the local markets where we purchased some alpaca scarves and llama wool. John got a beautiful alpaca sweater for very little but I'm not sure how much use he'll get to wear it in Qld but I suppose we do get a few weeks of winter sometimes!

We also visited Castro, the capital of a small island of Chiloe in amongst the Fjords. John went ashore but I stayed back because mountain goat abilities were required for the walk around town. It was really picturesque and he took some lovely photos. Today we visited a very small settlement at Puerto Chacabuco and John managed to walk around town in half an hour but again it was pretty looking over the fjords and mountains.

We continue getting some really good shows with an incredible soprano, a string quartet who also sang and danced and the Prinsendam singers and dancers who are incredibly professional. We are really enjoying it all.

We continue doing well at trivia and that is a favorite part of our day. We've earned $130 (cruise dollars) but what we can buy with that is yet to be revealed! Not a lot I suspect! Ive enclosed a couple of photos but will send a lot more when I can find an Internet cafe with a speed faster than the ship.

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