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Waiting at the bus station

The funecular Railway, Penang Hill

We're at the top!

Look...cream tea


Cheers! Drinkies in the rainforest

Roast pork and rice....with soup?

Free bus, 27th

Street art, Penang

Fort Cornwallis, Penang...lighthouse.

Hi, well yesterday was very full on! Caught the bus at the Komotar (bus station) to Penang Hill. 2Rm each. It took about 45 mins but went well although we had to stand most of the way. Arrived at the hill, queued for tickets. You can really tell that we're European because we seem to be the only ones who do! Anyway, tickets were 30RM each. Got on the 'train' and stood right next to the driver at the front. When we arrived, we walked upwards taking pics of the city below. It was a bit hazy though. We were really hungry so went to the cafe at the top. There didn't seem to be much in the way of snacks so settled for a cream tea and 1 coffee..yes Kev, were the cheapskates who shared a cream tea and bought another cuppa! But it was £10! (41RM plus service charge). The scones were a bit flat, the cream was runny, plastic cream, butter was melting and the jam....we'll say no more. I thought about giving them a lesson on how to make scones! Anyway, we sat for a while looking at the view and then went and walked around. We did pick up a map but I don't know what it is about Malaysian maps but they're not good. We followed the map, looking at all the houses (coulda been in Surrey) and their gardens, saw monkeys in the trees and followed the map as best we could. At this point I have to say in our defence, we met a German couple who were having a difficult time too following the map. Anyway, we kept walking, talking and having a lovely time. However, there were not many other visitors now ...we'd started on the forest trail. In fact, by the time we realised that we'd overshot the map, we were about 5 miles along the trail.....oops! We had plenty of water and of course a little tipple in our bottles and some biccys so we were ok. We decided to turn around and go back. When we found the sign saying Brothers bungalow we turned towards it as it was on a track on the map. Not a good plan....there were millions of mossies! Now those of you who know Guy well, know that they like him so much they gorge themselves! :) However, they even liked me a little although I don't have the lumpy bites to show for it! Eventually, we found our way back to the top of the hill and out and back to the downward train. Caught the bus back to Penang centre, showered and changed and went out to our fave stall for roast pork and rice and water soup and beer. Only 14RM for dinner!

We'd decided to go to the night market at Batu Feringgi so caught the bus 2.7RM each for a trip taking about 50 mins. On arriving however, we found it a bit rubbish so stayed an hour and caught the bus back, got back to the hotel and crashed. What a busy day!

27th - We'd planned to take a look at the street art in the city so caught the free bus to the jetty and followed the street plan and wandered through looking at some of them and also at the heritage buildings within the city. It's a bit like a British city, Havana and Phuket cities in as much as the buildings are very much in the colonial style, with a bit of Chinese and Portuguese thrown in for good measure. Traffic is horrendous certainly at rush hour. It's every man for himself!

We had a lovely Indian meal in Little India for 9.50RM each. It was a little too spicy for me but very nice anyway and plenty of it. Had a hot choc in a tea room and caught the free bus back to the bus station at around 5pm. Another long day.

Ok, got back to hotel and had a rum n coke, a shower and a rest then went out for dinner at our stalls. When we got there, 'our stall' was closed...:/ We went to the stall place next door, scouted around and decided to have fish and chips; how boring is that? However, it was proper fish, not the reconstituted stuff. And a couple of beers went down too. Then we rushed along to the Mall because we'd been before and seen a camera I thought I'd like. The owner offered a good price so we thought we'd cash in our £'s at the bureau de change as well because we're off on our trip tomorrow. Well the money places were all closed but we did buy our camera so wasn't a wasted trip.

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