The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

It is unprecedented but we are faced with rainy weather for the first time since the day we arrived. We rent another car, we are driving the THE WEST to see Grandma Helen. This time i am a little more particular about the rental car and we land a brand new toyota multi-purpose vehicle which is so high tech it doesnt even have a key, it starts with a push button. It is a nice ride.

So rain and all we head out to Windsor to see the queens real digs. It is still raining when we arrive so we have lunch across the street from the castle (how crazy if you look out the back of the castle, you see mc'd, pizza hut, kfc, starbucks, i think they put all that fast food there on purpose so that the princes could have junk anytime they want it) and then decide that to be a good englishman, u clearly ignore the rain and just do what you planned anyhow so we head over to legoland and sure enough rain and all the place is open and people are in there riding so we do the same. One nice thing about rainy days is that the lines are about non-existant.

The park closes at 8pm and we leave Windsor to cut across England to bristol on the Motorway. I think i have this driving bit mastered.

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