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Finch Bay

Keatings lagoon

James Earl Lookout

One of the notices at The James Earl Lookout

Another notice at The James Earl Lookout

Mossman River swimming area

Sunday 12th January

This morning we packed up from the hotel to return back to Wonga Caravan Park. It was still raining a bit so we had a look at a local beach called Finch Bay, this is an area that the locals swim at (when the weather is better). we then headed to an area called Keatings Lagoon, this is a bird watching paradise (apparently !!) again not out scene but we did the 700m walk and then turned around and did the 700m return walk, EXCITING !!

We then headed off along the Highway, not a lot to see on the way apart from a couple of lookouts and small roadhouses. One of the lookouts was called The James Earl Lookout, couldn't see a lot because of the weather, one thing of interest was a couple of signs placed where some information boards used to be. Some one had removed them and dumped them, it would appear by the notices that the local council are understandably up set.See the photos attached. We then went through a place called Mount Carbine and had a look around here as this is one of the places Steph's Dad worked at when he was over here. Then we were off towards a small town called Mount Malloy, very small town and as it was STILL pouring with rain we drove through the town, turned around and had a look at a "Free Camp" area just outside the town. This is a very popular area and during the peak season you are lucky to get a spot as it is in a good position when you are traveling between towns. On the way back we also stopped at the swimming hole (where Steph used to swim when she was living here) in the Mossman River, just to check if the water had risen over the last few days because of the rain, it had a bit.

We arrived back at the very soggy caravan in the Caravan park and as it was still raining we stayed in the van. The managers had told us when we were going up to Cooktown that we could leave the van on the site and they would just charge us $3 per day, when I went to pay the bill they said not to worry about that fee so it cost us nothing to leave the van there and plugged into the power for the two days we were away (Bonus).

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