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Private bus

Another private bus


Up at 7:00 with a rumble and church bells… unable to get back to sleep I tried to take a shower. Today there was no hot water at all. Sigh. Washed as best I could and continued packing. Resorted a couple things, checked the weather in VA (ugh) and headed down for breakfast.

The place was a mess – looks like most folks had already eaten. I asked the server to get a table for six ready (should have been five). It took a bit but we got the table and the rest of the crew showed up and we ordered breakfast. Seems they were out of black tea so I had cinnamon raspberry… not great. Also out of fruit. But the eggs were the same as yesterday so not bad.

We all chatted about the high and low lights of the trip and exchanged emails. Ana is going back to Mexico City for a break. Hans and Ema are staying two more days and Adrianna and I are heading out for flights today.

Up to the room and grabbed my bags, then to the lobby and met the shuttle. There were six on the shuttle and no AC. The ride was quite pretty. Fuego was smoking a bit – I guess that’s what the bells were for. In Guatemala city the traffic was quite crazy – we hit a motorcycle (lightly) that had just stopped in the middle of the fast lane. He was fine. I noticed that not only do motorcycles have a license plate, but all helmets had the tag number on them and every motorcycle rider was wearing an orange vest with the tag number on it as well.

Many interesting vehicles. Lots of motorcycles. Many pick ups with people in the bed of the truck. Red buses (public transport) and some tricked out old US School buses (private transport). Cars or buses cutting across three lanes of traffic was not unusual – but no one was blowing their horns. I don’t think I’d like to drive here.

Finally got to the airport and waited for 45 minutes for Delta to open. Then another 20 to get to checking. I was given a seat on the exit row so more leg room! Window seat too. Then quickly through immigration and security then in to the departure area with over two hours to wait for the flight.

Lots of shops – mostly the same craft stuff as in the towns. The duty free shops are quite small and a very limited selection. So I wandered around a bit, ran in to Adrianna and we said bye. Then to the gate to wait. Flight leaves in about an hour.

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