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Typical Maya house

Seafood soup (and a beer)

drunk poster


Blue Cenote

Bird at Chetumal


Then the drive. Four and a half hours. We drove through many towns and villages. One with a Maya pyramid between the houses! Lots of outdoor food vendors – pineapples, oranges, tortillas, chicken, even pig on a spit. One stop at the “Blue Cenote” for lunch (a great seafood soup!) Also noticed that there were more tropical trees (palms) and actual farms (rare in the upper Yucatan) of sugar cane and corn. Orchards of coconuts and bananas as well. The houses seemed to get more prosperous as well.

We got to Chetumal about 2:00 and Anna bought our ferry tickets, then we went through immigration – a small room that could barely fit the three of us and two officials. We each had to pay 306 pesos as an exit fee – actually 295 plus tax (on the tax). We then wandered across the street and sat in the shade for a while – the ferry was to leave at 3:00. In a big artificial Christmas tree there was one decoration that was actually alive – a bird had built a nest and there were a number of baby birds as well. Since the tree had been partially undecorated we figured they’re leaving it up until the birds fly off.

Off we went to line up at the ferry – a long line of suite cases. 3:00 came and went. A truck with six soldiers with M16s showed up. Then some guys with sodas and ice. Then some other guys. At about 3:40 the captain had us all drop out backpacks and other stuff and back away. The soldiers brought out a drug sniffing dog who went over everything. No problems though. Then the soldiers left and the crew stowed our luggage so we finally boarded around 4:00 or a bit after.

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