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On the Friday night after our day out Heather was sick several times and was feeling decidedly under the weather. Over the next few days she had no energy, no appetite, couldn’t sleep and started to develop a hacking cough. By the following Thursday morning the cough was worse and she was starting to have breathing difficulties so a visit to the local community hospital took place.

She was quickly assessed and seen by the medical team. Blood test, ECG, X-Ray and some oxygen were quickly organised. After the results came back she was given intravenous antibiotics and other drugs to help her to breath easier. However the medics were still concerned as her blood oxygen levels were still low so further blood tests were taken and the specialist doctor consulted.

In the end they concluded she had an underlying chest infection which may have started in October when she had the ear infection which had caused here to have severe vertigo. She was given a prescription for antibiotics, a short course of steroids, and an inhaler and told to rest.

For the next week Tony acted as chief nurse, cook and bottle washer doing an excellent job. Slowly Heather started to feel better. Christmas was a none event.

We had both been impressed with the efficiency and service provided by the Portugal health services. With our European Health Insurance Card we only had to pay what the Portuguese had to pay which was 35.35 Euros for the hospital (a flat hospital fee plus a small contribution for the tests) and 32 Euros for the prescription drugs. Compare this to what it would have cost in the USA!

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