The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

Saying Goodbye from our hotel Restaurant

Alex loves Papa and Uncle Colman

Nina and DeeDee

Tonight is the beginning of the end of the trip. I am sadder than i expected to be about leaving. i have so loved this vacation despite the kids losing their minds at times, despite making some bad decisions about restaurants or highways or even the direction of trains. Even the kids have truly acclimated in some ways calling water "still water", q-tips "cotton buds", and waiting in line "queueing up".

In reading over my list of things i wanted to do on this trip, i think we did almost all of them (missed the lion king, put that on the list of bad decisions), but certainly enough of them. Trying to maintain a balance between lazy and zealot is not easy. What is didnt expect was to get so hooked on my relatives here, to make friends with the hotel staff the way we did, to learn to drive and enjoy it as much as we have.

And so while we love our life in America, it is much harder to leave england than we expected. Be home soon and looking forward to seeing you all.

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