The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

It is Wednesday. We are going to have a down day today. I am tired of restaurant food and suddenly wigged that our time in ireland is over tomorrow. So today Nina and i will find the grocery store, and the laundromat!!, and make a nice irish dinner of some kind of pasta haha! I wonder how i can get a recipe for brown bread?

Here is the funny thing about europe. You just get to the point where you dont care about dumb stuff like what you are wearing or if you are clean or even what the weather is. I am always thinking about where i can escape from the stressful life and this is definetely the place. And the fashion, the fashion is crazy. THere are so many kinds of people here, you cant really tell who is stylish who is nuts and who is unable to match stuff. Shiny skirts are all the rage, i am loving wearing mine, i wish i had 2. Only here could you wear a sparkly skirt to the laundromat and no one would think a bit about it. There is just so much less sameness. Things are less generic or something. The lady yesterday, in an outfit i would never wear mind you, had on red stilleto pumps, a green guaze skirt, a white tee shirt, a mans maybe? and a jean jacket. Her dirty hair was all twisted up in a clip. With the exception of the shoes, i loved that look, dirty hair and all.

Myself, ahh, i tried the dirty hair thing a few days but it is hard for me to wake up without a proper bath so on that one i draw the line and just saw well i am only a fake euopean by decent and as an american, sorry but i have to take a bath. To feel less guilty i just teamed up with alex and between us it is a two for one bath situation and so not so much waste i suppose.

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