The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

We are enthralled with ireland. Today we drove to Galway City, 40 km, maybe more? from Rosmuck where we are staying. First stop at noon is lunch at the westwood hotel, a gorgeous throwback to a time long before now. And then we are off to the city centre to shop. Drive on the left, drive on the left. Pop the car in the carpark and stroll out to the sidewalk. There are people everywhere, most of them are Irish and I cant imagine where they come from. I know there are tourists like us visiting the coast, but this many people? It is incredible.

Nina and i are in all the jewelery shops looking for clip earrings for her to wear but without much luck. I am tempted to take her to get her ears pierced, god knows there are piercing joints everywhere, but i refrain from it. We settle on a claudagh ring in the end. Nina is a good soul, she is satisfied.

Noah wants to pop in a CD store becuase the song blaring out the door is a drum heavy song with a good beat. I buy a bunch of English cd's while i am waiting. Need someting to hear while we drive around the country and I dont think i can bear to sing the ABC's or Sesame Street in the car anymore.

In the post office I buy stamps to send postcards airmail, twenty euros for the stamps alone. I do some quick math and determine that each card is roughly 2 bucks from purchase to delivery. this vacation is putting me in the poorhouse. In the post office you can pay your bills, do some banking, send your mail, pick up packages, or just buy stamps. The place is hopping, there is a queue 3 lines round but with 12 clerks, we walk right through in just a few minutes. It takes longer to apply the stamps. I hope the cards beat me home.

Still on the hunt for a latte. I get one today at the mocha bean coffee house. Euro 1.80, a deal for sure. There are internet cafes, at least 2 just on the main street but I refrain myself. How am I going to get those pictures up to the web? How am i going to get all this text up there too?

At 5:30 we head back for the car. The people are thinning out and the sign in the carpark says "Closed at 7pm Sharp". I am not sure what that means if you are the poor man on the way out at 7:02 but it seems serious. Apparently we have the same idea as every other shopper from the avenue today and we sit, no lie, for an hour and twenty minutes in the outgoing lane winding down the parking garage ramps toward the road one bloody car at a time.

When we are finally set free, we drive over to Salt Hill so Nina can see a beach. It is like instantly being back in America. Are resort towns all over the world exactly the same? Ferris wheels, rides, amusements, restaurants, and the only difference is that it is about 50 degrees and windy. BUt the sky is blue and clouds are fluffy and the water is beautful.

We ride the Ferris wheel, it spins around in a circle while going up and so we go around and up and around and up and around. I have to close my eyes or else i will truly be sick. But Alex is screaming and laughing, he is thrilled. If he jumps out the side, at least i wont have to see it. 16 Euros and the ride is over in about 5 minutes, it just feels like 30.

It is nearly 10 pm and just starting to get dark. THe days here are so long, you feel every minute of it. I cannot believe how many things you can fit into one day. For a person who constantly seeks time, it is like heaven on earth.

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