Lauren Janca China Trip 2013 travel blog

Today when we got up, instead of having a buffet breakfast, we had individual plates given to us. This is because we were the only people in the hotel.. So the chef came in just for us to make us a nice breakfast. When we were done, we went to a tea farm which was pretty cool. Tea is very big here so it was cool to see the tea bushes and we also got to taste the different types of tea. When we were done we went to lunch, which was very good. We had a few free hours after lunch so grandpa and Carol went to get massages. While they were there, I stayed in the lobby of a hotel across the street and did homework. After a few hours were up, we went to the Reed Flute Cave. Neither grandpa or Carol wanted to go because they were tired from their massages so only our tour guide, David, and I went inside the cave. The lights inside were just gorgeous. The pictures I took look so unreal, they're so pretty! It was really cool seeing it, with the fact that I've never been in a cave before. When David and I were done, we went to the airport, had dinner, and waited for our flight to Shanghai. We had a quick flight and arrived in Shanghai and met up with our new tour guide Jenny. Once to the hotel, we got checked in and tomorrow begins our tour in shanghai!

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