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Heathrow to hong kong went without a problem, can't believe we are on our way after 4 month's of planning.

Hong Kong airport is an hours journey from the city centre and it is 10pm so we don't see a lot except for lights.

Went for a Chinese and was not that impressed with the food, proper English Chinese is much better,

Up at 7.00 next morning as jet lag kicks in (8 hours ahead). Decided to visit the Peak which is a big hill overlooking the city and a tourist attraction. Went up the hillside in a funicular type tram, very touristy at the top with loads of shops restaurants and stalls selling items made in Hong Kong. The view was very impressive but a bit hazy which is normal for the city. Decided not to eat Chinese again, so headed for a place called Ned Kelly's last stand bar and restaurant, they had a happy hour from 11,30 till 9,00 selling beer for HK$46 (Foster's and Tetley's) just under £4 pint, it was normally £6,

The down town area of the city was fantastic at night, all the sky scrapers were lit up, some with advertising but a lot with christmas decorations, huge santa's and snowmen everywhere.

Next day we explored the shopping malls, Nathan Street being quite famous. Hong Kong is a fantastic city and really buzzes but 3 nights is long enough to see all you need to see. Interesting fact, there is not a single house in Hong Kong everyone lives in high rise apartment blocks and that is a few million people.

Next stop Vietnam,

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