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We're headed home.

We wake up in Kingsburg CA. I take a quick trip down down to Hanford to the AAA. The last time I went to AAA we were in Idaho. I am out of the maps I got and we are ready to head back east. I got a bunch still not sure what route we are taking, watching the weather.

Before we left the RV park at Kingsburg we take a quick run over to the SunMaid Rasin World Headquarters visitors center and gift shop. Can't make this stuff up. I bet I will have the only SunMaid Rasins ball cap in Berwick. We got a few edible things as well. They had really good samples.

We pull out head south on a hazy day to Bakersfield through more vinyards, orange groves, orchards and farms then take the big turn east and towards home. 20 somthing miles of more farms and orchards and then we start getting into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

In the Mts we go by a wind farm that really seems carried away. Kind of a mess with way to many in one area. Check out the pics.

Over the Mts and down into Mojave CA, kind of looks like a desert, imagine that.

The RV park is on the flat desert plain east of the Mts, not much here.

We continue east the Vegas tommorow. Vegas seems like a good place to spend Thanksgiving and Rays Birthday which is Friday.

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