Winter trip downunder 2013-14 travel blog

View from the top of the volcanic dome Paku Hill

The tsunami warning station

DOC campsite below Broken Hills

What do you think emerged from this ? It is a thin...

We stopped in another freedom camping on the Tairua estuary for the night but had to move before 7.30am so moved to a carpark about 1 km down the road k facing the other direction and the waves of the pacific ocean pounding up the beach. Quite a spot for breakfast.

We then cycled back to Paku Hill to climb to a view over the estuary and up the coast. This is a rhIolytic volcanic dome and was a very very steep climb up mostly big steps to the top but it was worth it. The "hill" is connected to the mainland now by a sandy spit which is covered in expensive EMPTY houses! It is vulnerable to tsunami so there is a large horn and warning station there.

We then left the coast and headed inland to the rugged hills to explore the old mining area in Broken Hills.

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