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We got ready last night and got underway by 0800 this am to head south. We have a long drive and it is alot easier to hook up in the day light.

We pass south through more wine country and then head east into the Sierra Nevadas.

Modesto was tough with about a million stop lights then the road got narrow steep and winding as we got towards the camp ground. It was good we left early, a good trip and hooked up just about by dark at Ye old Yosemite Campground and RV park.


Yosemite National Park day one.

We head into the park, we are about a half hour from the park and an hour and a half from Yosemite Valley. On the way to the park we go through the Stanislaus National Forest where most of the Rim Fire took place. Over 400 square miles we go to an overlook where you can see a lot of it. It certainly makes quite an impression. The park service is working hard to control errosion and restore some of the areas where they bull dozed and made fire lines. We have a chance at the look out to talk to a forest service forester. It really involved a huge area in very rough terrain.

When we checked in to the RV park the owner gave us some ideas on how to see as much as we could in a limited time so we follow his suggestions.

It is quite a long ride into the park with over 2000 feet of elevation change up then down.

We go to bridal falls first and take the trail up to the base of the falls. At this time of the year most to the major falls are dry. While bridal falls is small it is still flowing. After the falls we head away from the valley out Wawona road through the tunnel and then turnaround and head back in. You get a great view of the park coming back through the park and there is a great view area just after the tunnel.

We go down into the valley, I know I keep saying you words cannot do it justice nor can pictures and this is certainly another example of that. We take some nice pictures but they really do not look like the real thing. The guys do the Jr Ranger program, one of the things we do for it is a Ranger Guided tour. We take a walking history tour with one of the senior rangers Shelton Johnson. It was amasing. He is in the parks official movie and is a published author and he does a great tour.

Great day.


Yosemite National Park day two and more importantly Joe turns 11 yrs old.

Joe gets a hat and vest from me. Ray gives his am obsidian arrow head, obsidian is Joes favorite stone. He also gives him and animal card game and a small little magic trees, paper with chemicals on it that you are supposed to pour the magic liquid on to make it bloom. Pictures will follow.

We head back to Yosemite, I try to take the guys for Pizza first but one of the places the GPS takes us is closed and the other just does not seem to exist.

It is a rainy day we go into the park and go to the Ahwahnee hotel, just to check it out. It was ok but probably not someplace I would stay. We check out some more places we did not see the first day and then check out the Yosemite lodge. We sit inparking lot for a while with the laptop and hot spot updating facebook and this site. We have a very poor connection at the campground but 5 bars with at&t in the valley.


In the morning Joe sets up the magic tree he got from Ray, it starts working pretty quick.

The guys do school work and I spend most of the day talking with Jeff Hall, old friend and best man at my wedding who has just recently moved to San Francisco with his family.

After Jeff leaves we do some preps, we are heading out in the AM.

A good day

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