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Birding at the Warrnambool wetlands/trail

Black Swan

Chestnut teal

Echidna...see his snout to the's dark gray and smooth

Goanna AKA "blue tongue"

Bay of Islands

The Grotto

A reminder as you pull onto the road after each stop

Dave remembering which side of the car to get into

London Bridge

The Arch

Sentinel Rocks

At the 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles

The "outcast" Apostles (photo taken the opposite direction)

Singing Honeyeater (yes, that's his name)

Walked downtown Warrnambool for breakfast followed by haircuts (no waiting at all) for both of us. We then returned to the wetlands trails we had visited before dinner yesterday. Lots and lots of birds; Purple Swamphens running around everywhere and Superb Fairy-wrens everywhere! We enjoyed a beautiful Chestnut Teal pair.

A little after eleven, we decided we'd better get going to leave sufficient time for all the viewpoints we would pass on The Great Ocean Road today. We stopped at at least seven scenic viewpoints, many of which had a few hundred meters of walking through the thick coastal scrub. The scrub was packed with bird calls so we usually spent far more time at each stop than just the walking and the requisite photos would require. It was the perfect combination of spectacular and breath-taking scenery and seeing all kinds of new and interesting birds. An incredible bonus was spotting an echidna crossing the road. Dave screeched to a halt at the side of the road which encouraged the oncoming traffic to slow for the echidna to safely finish his crossing. With no road shoulder, he immediately disappeared into the thick grass and scrub. Dave managed to find him so we both got great looks at this terrific little creature.

Most of the scenic stops today were busy but not overly crowded, until we got to 12 Apostles. This stop must be on every tour bus route and is so heavily publicized that it may be the one and only stop some people make on the Great Ocean Road. We were glad we had quiet and peaceful experiences at each stop before we got to 12 Apostles. I (Marilyn) suddenly felt very much a foreigner as we were part of only about 25% of the non-Asian people present. Trying to get a clear view to take photos was tough with such crowded viewpoints.

The final leg of today's adventure took us through a very dense temperate rainforest. We will explore the forest and Cape Otway NP tomorrow.

Today was a real high!! Today's photos will give you a much better idea of the scenery than we could ever explain!

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