Binkley's 2013 Australia/New Zealand trip travel blog

The drier countryside southeast of Adelaide, SA

Crayfish (AKA lobster) sculpture in a small rural town in SA

Sheep, sheep everywhere grazing in gorgeous green paddocks

Huge windbreaks

Very old cemetery

With the help of a car rental map, a hotel clerk and Marilyn's navigation we worked our way out of Adelaide rush hour traffic and into the rural countryside southeast of the city by 9:30. Once there we had only a mis-behaving GPS with which to navigate. The town we decided to stop in for directions had a Europcar office (our rental company) and we soon had a real paper map with everything we needed, at least for today.

Upon leaving South Australia, whose time is 30 minutes behind Victoria, we had to try to remember and to change our clocks to the correct time. The rest of the drive was uneventful as we found plenty of changing scenery to divert us as we logged the 380 miles to Warrnambool. We passed a lakeside resort, soon followed by nearly empty land with salt flats in the early going. The remaining drive was mainly through tree plantations and grazing lands. We saw some cattle, but far, far more sheep. The grazing and forested areas must have had much recent rain as the grasses everywhere were green and very high, over a yard high! It was a very pastoral and beautiful day.

After arriving in Warnnambool, we set out to explore a wetlands walking-network near downtown where we saw lots and lots of birds.....and rabbits (the dreaded non-native rabbits that have caused so much damage in Australia). A very SLOW thus late dinner was on our walk back. We have eaten a great deal of Australian dishes these past weeks, so decided to try something different tonight.

I (Dave) was very apprehensive about driving in Adelaide and doing such a long drive this soon in my left-lane driving career, but everything went well. Marilyn, on the other hand, was fussing with Sheila (our GPS) and maps and fussing with me when I "oozed" off to the left shoulder. We were also very lucky to have very light traffic once we left Adelaide. Now if driving into Melbourne can go this well......

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