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flooded roads

5 days into the trip and we have less than 500 miles to cover today. To be exact it was 499 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early wake up in preparation from the rain the day before to realize that it is STILL Pouring.......

Needing to make up miles from the loss of the day before it didn't go quite as planned. 2 1/2 into the trip we only traveled 37 miles.

FLOOD!!!!!! Semi-Trailer and truck floated away, bus floated away, car floated away. And 500 vehicles stacked on the highway to cross the flooded area. Justin and AL made their way through traffic to the front of the line! When allowed we crossed the flooded area. Check out the video with the bus/car/truck off to the left. Crazy!!!

Proceeding forward we continue our Mexican Leap Frog through traffic as the rain slowly lets up we get a glimpse of the sun!!! Turned into 87 degree weather on the road to Chetumal at the Belize/Mexico Border. Still 380 mi. to go we made up some time. Finally, the last stretch of 210 miles turned out to be more rain, then darkness, then Military checkpoint, and finally our destination. Chetumal!!!!

Amazing burrito at the local Tacoria.

Overall, we are more confident in the bikes we are riding after all the rain, potholes, flooding, and abuse they took from hitting TopeTope (huge speed bumps) at 70mph. It was awesome watching Justin's back end of the bike look like like he was intentionally doing a front endo. Again, the potholes were HUGE, taking a toll on the bikes but they held up well.

Our most favorite day with all the challenges we overcame and covered so much of the country into the Yucatan considering the weather was not on our side today... Great DAY of riding in MEXICO>>>>>>

Tomorrow we meet up with Kim who arrived in Playa Del Carmen today and is waiting for her challenges in the journey to come. She will ride with us for 2,000 miles to Guadalajara for the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to some sight seeing and touring the cities we arrive in.

We will Blog soon. Having a great time and hope you are enjoying the Blog... Talk soon.

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