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Our "bungalow" at Chang Park Resort

The private beach

The beach / resort

It's difficult not to relax here!

Our super-bike!

The local town!

Local girlmaking chocolate and banana pancakes! (Helen hated them ;-) or not!!)

Helen is ready to burn some rubber!

Looking out to the beach at night

Helen on our way to one of the big waterfalls

Gareth on the way to the waterfall on Koh Chang

The huge waterfall!

We managed to get to the bottom of the falls!

Geese at the resort

Elephants ready to go trekking!

Our Elephant (who's name we couldn't pronounce)

Our view looking forward!

Big chassis

Our handler jumps off and walks in front - leaving us to...

Hows about that for a spider?

We're on a bloody elephant!

Giant elephant foot!

Our guide

Tramping through the forest

Helen sits on the elephants head!

The rainforest

Sitting on the elephant's back

Gareth and Helen in the forest!

Now you don't want to get in the way of this thing!

Huuuge trunk!

Massive beast!

We get back to the camp - This is our elephant!

Aww bless!

Our elephant gets a shower to cool it down from the 34C...

Ummm... this one isn't real ;-)

The Thai Royal Family is held in very high regard

Helen in "town"

Our resort at night


Well the elephant ride was fantastic! We took a one hour jungle trek that lasted an hour which cost us about £8 each! The elephant was massive and I don't think it even realised that we were up there. Helen said that she wanted to hear it's "trumpet" (!???) but sadly we had no luck. The elephant man / guide tended to make lots of encouranging noises at the elephant, but in the end I think we went where the elephant wanted. Every now and then the elephant would let out an almighty growl (a la tiger-style),which is nice when you are sitting on its back...

We actually managed to spend the whole time on the island without falling off the damn bike, although we did have a habit of driving off with the stand still down!!

Koh Chang is definately being developed left right and centre, so we're lucky that we went when we did. A few more years and I think it will be a bit of a "Phuket".

Anyway... enjoy the pics!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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