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Slept until 8:30 - felt wonderful! There were three huge community garage sale events today. I went to one, drove around for an hour or so, and came home. Usually I find a book or two but not today.

Beginner line dancing lessons were being given in the park this afternoon. Mary Jane had encouraged me to attend so I did. The two teachers were very good and I had fun. The next lesson is on Tuesday.

Jane and Jim were going to The Mining Camp restaurant for a very late lunch and asked me to join them. I cleaned up after the lesson ( believe it or not I worked up a sweat doing the electric slide!). It was good to try a new eatery and the food was very tasty.

Played Wizard tonight with a very happy , fun group of people. Wizard is a card game that I learned last year and was given a refresher course before playing tonight. It's lovely to be in the company of so many avid card players.

I've had two very full days and am looking forward a day of rest tomorrow - a couple of football games and a grilled rack of lamb for dinner. The wash and ironing can wait 'til Monday.

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