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Crazy poisonous centipede on the streets of Bangkok

It becomes afraid and curls up!

Bangkok Skytrain

What's she so happy about?!

Ahhh - It's an advert for Birds Nest Soup

Mmmmmm - Gotta love that Bird's Nest!

Beckham - Thai Pepsi ad

The park - slap bang in the centre of the city!

A huge statue of The King

Gareth's Dad and Helen at Lumpini Park

Helen in the park

The city is chaotic!

One of the Water Monitors in the lake in Lumpini Park

Gareth becomes "Bird Man"...

Another lizard beast!


Views from Lampini Park

Crazy traffic - don't drive here!

More of Bangkok

One of those dancing water fountain things...

The famous Buddha near Siam Square - this has very lucky properties!

Thai Dancers give even more luck...


Locals pray in front of Buddha

Helen and Gareth's Dad look on

Sukhumvit Road - Bangkok style

Hard Rock Cafe - Bangkok!

Helen and Gareth's Dad in Hard Rock Cafe

Bangkok Train Station


Now that we're back in Bangkok, we've been checking out more of the sights, including The Hard Rock Cafe in Siam (pronounced Sea-Am) Square, the mark near Si Lom and other areas.

The park is huge. It contains some very wierd animals, including Water Monitors (brrr - huge lizard things), and very hungry catfish that react quite violently when you thrown bread into the water. We also saw turtles!

Enjoy the pictures!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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