Jordan and Egypt 2013 travel blog





" I rode through the desert on a horse with no name, it felt good to be out of the rain"

That song kept going through my head as we spent 5 days in the Sahara. We had three 4x4's and covered a lot of "sand" traveling from Siwa Oasis to Bahariya. Our 3 drivers were experienced but I was still nervous going that fast and never sure what was on the other side of the dune. We got stuck of the other trucks was stuck 5 times. (To get more traction they let the air out of the tires). We had lots of laughs with spectacular scenery.

Over the 5 days we were in the Black Desert (eroded basalt) covers the sand making it look black and the White desert (limestone eroded by the wind and water creating the unusual shapes and the appearance of snow covered ground ) and the regular Brown desert which is just pure, wonderful, soft sand. All of them just seem to go on and on and on.

This morning we left the desert and flew south to Aswan. The temperature has shot up a few more degrees to the mid 30's. I can't imagine how hot the Muslim women must be dressed all in black with only small slits to look through. They even wear gloves!

Hope everyone is well.

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