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Today is also the day of the New York Marathon and we were fortunate enough to see all the preparations being made yesterday when we were in Central Park. Barricades, TV cameras etc. Switched the TV on early and got to see all the build-up. It is a 26km run through 5 boroughs in Central New York.

Then without too much dilly dallying, we set off for the airport in the hotel shuttle bus at 7.30am. Got to the airport and discovered that the flight had been delayed by two hours, so good time to catch up on the diary, which is what I am doing now.

Not too much more to report on the flights, other than the pilot caught up on the delay, so we didn’t miss our connecting flight from Dubai to SA, just a bit of a rush straight from one plane to the other, hardly even time to go to the loo. Cags and Peter fetched us from the airport and home, sweet home.

So, we have stayed in 22 hotels, driven about 4000 miles, gained about 3kgs in weight and been away from home for 33 days. It was sad to leave American soil, (we’d kinda got used to the place}, but as they say, there is no place like home. We got to see the places we wanted to see, not only on the hi-ways, but on the bi-ways too. We met interesting people and got to see our friends Eric and Eli and met their better halves, Juliet and Sam. We would have loved to see Jaspar and Kale and Fay and Allan, but getting to the West Coast, was just too expensive and too far away. Maybe next time ….?

All is good on the farm – dogs all good, etc. etc and a huge thank you to Peter and Carolyn, because without you guys, this realisation of our dream would not have been possible.

And so ends the American adventure.

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