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Kanawha State Forest

Peaceful scene

Many of the trees have lost their leaves but still look pretty

We love these roads

A forest friend

Jim's wildlife for the day

Two curious does

An inviting brook

Red maple struggling to grow among giants

Lovely drive

View along the Kanawha River front in Charleston

River front walkway in Charleston

Coal is still transported on the Kanawha River

Charleston, WV Kanawha State Forest is a 9,300-acre recreation area about 7 miles from downtown Charleston, WV. Although it is a short distance away, getting there takes a bit of time because one can drive at only 25 to 30 mph on the very winding, steep roads. We were fascinated by the houses that are perched on ridges. There are no front yards as the houses sit on the edge of the road. Rather than a back yard, there is a sheer drop-off. The folks seem almost desperate to find a spot to homestead. The forest was quite nice and we enjoyed communing with nature there. We then drove back to Charleston to walk along the Kanawha River through Haddad Riverfront Park. It was cool enough to require light jackets but still a lovely day.

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