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The boat harbour @ Coffs

Historic Jetty

Jetty Beach

Last two days have been just so exciting I have forgotten what we did...

Yesterday we had a pleasant walk to the local Cafe for lunch. All had the fish and chips “seaside style” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vhkj25fBKzo and it was exceptionally good. Served “al fresco” with views of the Bellinger River. Carol's deceased Aunt's Solicitor recommended it; I can just see him there reclining on the chair sipping a spring water and eating a Bellinger Burger.

Our lunch consumed we headed back at the double as a southerly buster was heading towards us, it hit with much thunder and lightning and not a lot of rain nor any hail, but it added some interest to the afternoon....

Today we drove into Coffs. Stopped in at the Jayco Dealer to have a look at the new motor-homes and 5th wheeler. We are looking for a cover for the van but won't buy one there as they are way to expensive but I did get some awning cleaner and some stuff to get the bugs and tar off the front of the van. Then drove down to the Hysteric Jetty, very exciting, so exciting had there been a stromatelite having fun in the water I would have wet myself with sheer delight. Not salty enough here for them.... Then on to ALDI for a dose of their specials but nothing they had we wanted so we just bought a few items to top up the pantry. Then we parked in the shade and joined the Gnomes for lunch in the food court. Carol had some sort of ethnic lamb and salad wrap I had a Ridgy Didge Pie. It was ordinary, I'm used to instant potato on top of my Cottage Pies, not real mash.

On the way back to the Van we stopped in to see how the Sorento was going. Initial queries had me stressed but the senior service advisor assured me the car would be ready today - or tomorrow... Cest La Vie.

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