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Up at sparrow fart this morning to organise towing the Sorento into the Kia man for the repairs. I was concerned because the fault was intermittent that no fault would be found until the warranty expires on the 31st. But they serviceman contacted me and said they had found 2 faults; a crack in the inter-cooler and the Bios in the EMC was “contaminated” and out of date and should have been upgraded at the 80,000 Km service, obviously not done but you can bet I paid for it. They went thru the service book and discovered that there was no mention of it... So a new (and presumably non cracked) inter-cooler is on its way... The Computer is a bit different, Kia no longer make their own so a 3rd party one has to be used. I am assured the replacement will be far superior to the existing one and apparently can be “programmed” by anyone who has the software..... Strange really this car servicing game. Most of my warranty work has been to rectify the work of Kia servicing people who didn't do what they were supposed to, the only thing that went wrong that was not a non service problem was the electric mirror switch, the hose that stranded us in Salmon Gums last year should have been replaced when the turbo was done and the timing belt was sposed to be replaced at the 120,000km service but was not.... All very dodgy.... Fortunately Kia have done the right thing and will cover the cost of the incompetence of their service staff – but only till Thursday, then we are on our own....

Anyway we took our loaner Nissan X trail for a run to Sawtell today. Oh yes the weather has become less idyllic and big swells are running with a real surf pounding the beaches, quite spectacular from the lookouts if you can keep your footing in the “breeze”.

Then bought a few essential groceries and back to the Van for High Tea and Happy Hour.... Not an all consuming day at all.

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