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Urunga Pub

Urunga Lagoon Boardwalk

Mylestom Beach

Looking towards Urunga Heads

We woke this morning to yet another wonderful day, its getting boring and I'm sure some bad weather will have occasion to join us before our stay is complete.

Esther was up early and into her cossies for her early morning synchronised swim with her coach, they are getting very good at it too, after all swimming and talking at the same time is not easy.

I took Gracie to the beach and threw a metre long length of drift wood out into the sea and in the next 20 mins she managed to retrieve it several times and destroy it. It was really nice in the surf too and I felt so secure with a big black dog swimming with me...

After a shower and a brush for Gracie we set off for the Urunga Pub for lunch. What a hidden gem this place is. I have never turned off the highway into Urunga before. Lunch was brilliant too with a good menu and choice of Veg or salad and chips, a cold beer and a view of the river. What more could you want?

Now today I learned that Urunga is the place of confluence for the Bellinger and Kalang rivers. Of course you all remember Oscar and Lucinda arriving at Bellingen where Oscar built a glass church which he sailed down the river http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bellingen,_New_South_Wales (in the movie a fake Bellingen was made in the Lane Cove National Park and the duo arrived on the Lady Hopetoun,) and the Sydney Ferry was named Kalang after discussions with the local indigenous who told them that translated it means “Beautiful Lady” but there are so many translations who cares?

Back to Mylestom after stuffing around having confused Hungry Head with Hat head and its like Bondi with a seething plethora of people around the Cafe (must do a decent feed there if the crowd was any indication) and in the park across the road.... We came back via the back way and discovered that it's only a few mins walk to the Cafe from the van. Mylestom is rather “compact”.

After all that excitement it was then time for a cuppa which precedes happy hour by a few minutes. I accidentally discovered the benefits of Apple Cider after my little procedure. Now its itching and I can't scratch it as the itch is inside. Not a pleasant experience actually....

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