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Esther and coach in the pool

Esther with her award winning smile pauses during a complex routine

Looking like we may be staying for a while

Looking east from our site...

We have had a couple of very relaxing days here. I have had to lodge a formal complaint as its so nice here, and we wouldn't want to enjoy ourselves. This is a great place to lay back and relax and I haven't even had to “divert” myself and start painting my little people. For reasons unknown the manager thinks I'm a Chemist, I will have to give her my card and she will see I'm simply an eccentric...

Hyacinth was in an Audition today as they are making a remake of an Esther Williams movie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbn5XQpmNgo and she would go well in the lead role. She said it was cold at first but as she moved around (in strict formation with her swimming partner) she said it got warmer.... You would recognise her swim partner as none other than Mrs Gnome... They have joined us for a triumphant return to Canberra early November. Its good to have someone to have “Happy Hour” with.

I organised to get the car sorted, it now goes into “limp” mode but in order to get access to our premium care cover it has to be towed to the Kia Dealer who will fix it. Premium cover provides accommodation, car hire etc. and I would not leave home without it.... The Warranty expires on Thursday and we had it checked just before we left.... Worse still we can't buy another for 2 years until my GST exemption kicks back in....

We also have new chairs which though a tad expensive are supremely comfortable. Also the awning has been extended and it now looks like a camp.

I have taken Gracie to the beach and she really loves it; every grain of sand has to be sniffed and examined in detail. She has also worked out her own game with sticks thrown into the sea. I throw it in, she retrieves it, then swims back out, drops the stick comes back to the beach to wait for it to be washed ashore seizes it swims out drops it ad nauseum... Tennis balls are her favourite, I throw the ball out to sea, she retrieves it then destroys it, we only use the “expensive” tennis balls that are 5 for $2. I tried the special indestructible dog balls too but she soon destroys them. She seems to enjoy drenching me too...

A double dose of Veggies for dinner tonight too, Pork cutlets from the Binalong Butcher and Bubble & Squeak patties with another serve of veg on the side, I've learnt not to complain, if I don't complain I get a few squares of Chocolate with my supper... N.B. get some Worcestershire sauce to douse the Veg with...

Tomorrow will be exciting, Esther has an early morning rehearsal (full dress in the pool) to attend, I'll take the Hound of the Baskerville to the beach then we will repair will all possible despatch to the Urunga Pub for the counter lunch.

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