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We travelled uneventfully from Prague to Dubai and spent the time recuperating a bit at the Emirates lounge. Including a shower in the most luxurious bathroom ever with the hugest thickest towels. Divine. Clean hair, body, clothes and teeth. Sigh. It's always the simple things isn't it.

As we are now forwarding our clocks to catch up with you we are half way through the longest night. We left at 4pm and will get to Singapore at sometime tomorrow afternoon... About 3pm local time. So we will be tired. Nobody can get a good sleep on a plane in cattle class....

Well how things change - we got onto to the A380 to find we had the worst seats on the plane. 2nd row from the front directing beside the staff office where they are Constantine moving in and out doing stuff. As I was near the aisle I asked one of the attendants if there were spare seats up the back. He said yes, heaps and we could move after the flight started. I knew that wasn't going to happen as all the spots would be taken, so despite David continually saying he was fine I asked someone else who said yes, have a look. Kevin and I shot up the back, and sure enough I grabbed the same seats as previous with the bulkhead in front of us. Having secured those, we then got a bit bolder and were able to find three whole rows where the armrests went up. So David and I had 4 seats each, and Kevin had three. We spread out, laid flat and got a few hours sleep. So arrived in Singapore way more refreshed that we had anticipated. One more long trip and soon our holiday will just become a memory.

And that dear readers is the end of this years stories.

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