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It can't say Phoenix any more than this picture does

Back at the KOA in Apache Junction.

Had a great shopping day.

Oct. 22

Ray went hiking

Elaine had retail therapy.

Oct. 23

Ray's birthday today.

We had a great lunch with Ray's sister and brother in law. So nice to catch up with you Marg and Gary and thanks for lunch. Seeing Mesa Regal again was a little bit sad for us but it was nice to remember the good times that were had there. Looking forward to catching up with you again in December when you get home. We hope you have a great couple of months down here.

Ray birthday present to himself was that the fire ants bites that he received in Jupiter, Florida are all finally healed up and have left no scars. For those who didn't hear, Ray got bitten by about a dozen fire ants on his legs, what an nasty animal they are. You can't just brush them off, they anchor themselves to you and insert their sting. It is not the bite but the venom they inject, which is quite potent.

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