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At the new Jewish museum that's not really open yet

One of the restored church windows

In a square in the old town

We were tired but dragged ourselves out for a Greek meal. It was really really good but way too much and at the end they brought us a glass of something that was a bit piney? Dunno what it was but it was alcoholic. Libby had octopus... Out came a massive tentacle. She said it was good but turned my stomach. I'm not keen on looking at the suckers. This am Steve told me that Rita was a bit weird as she had booked us all into a different restaurant. The thing is she didn't tell anyone. So at 7 she was in the lobby expecting everyone to be there. The two nanna's were at the restaurant she was intending to take people to, we were somewhere else, and others were goodness knows where. So she was asking us one by one what we did for dinner and acting a little strange. Nothing we could do... We didn't know about it.

It was raining this am, and quite chilly, on the bus by 9 and off for a tour of the city, first on the bus then by foot. It's quite remarkable to hear of the devastation and the rebuilding. The Jewish ghetto was something new I hadn't heard before. The guide said they took 6000 people a day to Treblinka and exterminated them there. I'd not heard of Treblinka. It must have been a logistical nightmare to move that many people a day.

I don't get what happened in people's heads when the conversation first came up...

You know the problem we are having with those Jews... Yeah, well I was thinking... Why don't we exterminate them.. And the other guy says yeah great idea... How?.. Well I thought we could gas 'em. Cool, let's do that then..

Didn't anybody's eyes pop out of their heads and go... Mate... That's not on.. What are you thinking??

I just can't believe that people had that conversation and not only was it unopposed but there was clearly an appetite for it.

At the end of our tour through the old town we watched a short movie about what Warsaw looked like before, footage of the German bombing and invasion, heard of the Russians standing on the other side of the river waiting for Germany to do all the work of destroying it and then coming in at the end like heroes but taking it themselves. Great people.

It's pretty amazing how resilient they are and how they have rebuilt the old town in the traditional style and then built the new city. There's a good feeling here, not resentful or depressed, it seems a fairly happy well adjusted place.. Good on them.

Following that we walked for hours around the old town and only returned to our rooms at about 4pm after we had pierogi for lunch, well Kevin, Libby and I did. David had mushroom soup and was pleased as Kevin and Libby didn't enjoy it. We also had icecream, but David refused. He'd been on the scales this am.

The plan was to rest and reconvene with a drink then dinner but my chest is really sore. We really didn't stop walking for about 6 hours apart from lunch so I think I overdid it and I decided to stay in my room and rest. I wish I could tell you that it's getting better but it's not. Tomorrow we leave early for krakow.

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