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We decided to fligh from Thailand to Malaysia as it was the cheapest and quickest option, it was the quickest flight ever! Literally took 1 hour 15 I didn't even have a chance to finnish the movie I watched 'life of Pi' such a classic! We even got a complementary flight meal in that time...such good airways...you'd never get that with easy jet lol

So malaysia is one hot country....one was very sticky when we got to Chinatown to find our pre booked hotel...expensive ill add!

So we dropped our bags and went looking for a cheaper hotel for the rest of our time in kuala lumpa. Found one quick enough but its alot more expensive to stay in malaysia than thailand for sure.

Twin towers.......we took a tube for 20p to the kl towers.....what an amazing site!! Wonder of the world :)

Us girls were a little excited to see a proper shopping centre.....without a doubt we shopped!!! Shopped till we dropped haha

We whitnessed a wonderful water show outside the shopping centre that was fun too

Trying new fruits-for breakfast each morning me & lou went to the fruit counter in China town and bought a new fruit we hadn't tried before along with a nice fruit like melon or something. ...I like trying new things

Tried the national malaysian Nasi Lemak dish was hot & yummy

Sightseeing day out- too much walking....I thought my legs would fall off...like seriously! Took a trip to the bird sanctuary. ..was fab...it was the biggest open free fly bird sanctuary in the world....just saying.

Malaysia was fun!!

1 thing us girls noticed was everyone staring at us...we soon realised it was because we were showing alot of skin...this country has alot of religious people...so understandably us wearing hardly any clothes caused some stiring. Hey ho not guna get me to cover up & miss out on a tan any time soon lol

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