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Bruce and Janet

Bruce, Janet, Roger and Marsha

Finally Fire


This morning there was not a pretty view to look out on, it was cloudy and raining. We must be feeling the effects of the tropical storm from the gulf. This is the same kind of weather we had the last time we were here. This is the morning Candy was waiting for, a trip to the Moose Café at the Farmers Market. They have the most delicious biscuits that you will over eat them and not need your breakfast. The trip to the Moose Café was in a downpour rain storm, sure was hoping that it would let up when we arrived, which it did. The biscuits were the same as last time we were here, mouth watering good.

Our plan was to visit the Habitat for Humanity so we could find some more knobs for the candy machines, since we have ran out. Thank goodness they had the knobs that were needed so we purchased another bag full. Lots of stuff but that is all we left the store with, but there were some items we would like to have but with the trip just starting, didn’t want to keep moving stuff around.

We left there for the trip back to Bruce’s home for a relaxing rest of the day. The weather stopped raining but it was overcast and it looked like it could rain at any minute. Bruce and Roger have been trying to get a bond fire start for the last 2 hours but with everything wet, that is quite a chore, they are determined. Finally after 4-1/2 hours with Candy’s help they got the fire started. Took some pictures of the fire with Bruce, Janet, Roger and Marsha. This evening we will get everything packed up so we can pull out early for the trip to Wilmington NC to see the USS North Carolina Battleship.

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