New England 2013 travel blog

Yesterday's camp site.

The view just after sunrise.

We woke up this morning to a very pretty view of the haze in the valleys of West Virginia and the pretty colors on the hillsides. We found a grocery store -- not a small task in these parts. Loaded up with enough groceries to get us home and hit the road. All went well until we hit a nasty rain storm near Lexington, Kentucky. We pulled off the road for a while and let it pass. We managed to get to the KOA we had chosen earlier for its location (which for the protection of the KOA corporation shall remain nameless). That's the best thing I can say for it. It does have 85 cable channels so we got to watch the final quarter of the Bronco game. The entertainment for the rest of the evening (and probably night) will be trying to figure out if the roar and earth shaking is coming from the train tracks next door, the jets overhead, or the adjacent freeway -- it might be the convergence of three freeways, actually. The directions to get us here were so convoluted, we're not sure exactly where we are. But I think we will be able to get out of here tomorrow and on to bigger and better things -- or campgrounds, at least.

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