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Sanders Cafe Entrance

Roger and Marsha with the man

Candy with the man

Ron with the man


Bear Creek

Street Drums 1

Street Drums 1


We got around this morning having coffee and rolls that Roger had walked in Wal Mart and picked up the rolls for us this morning. This is a time that it is nice to have a generator on the motorhome so we can make our coffee and warm up the rolls in the microwave. Candy had to go into Wal Mart, of course if we are in Wal Mart Candy has to check out the store. We needed to take our time this morning because we were going to stop at Sanders Café in Corbin KY which didn’t open until 10 am and we were only 1 hour away. This was the original Kentucky Fried Chicken that Harland Sanders started the KFC restaurant chain with. The restaurant was also a museum with the original kitchen. There were several items about the life of the Harland Sander’s which he had an interesting life.

We left Sander’s Café about 11:30 am for the remainder of our trip today to the Bear Creek RV Campground in Asheville North Carolina. The trip was quite uneventful until we got on Interstate 40 at Knoxville, it is into the Smokey Mountains and so the interstate is not a straight road. The interstate speed is 55 miles per hour so with all the curves you don’t drive much faster, even in a car traffic is at the speed limit.

We got into the campground around 4:30 pm, got registered, motorhome parked on our site, which are not very wide but they are level for the mountains.

After having something to eat we decided to travel downtown to see what downtown Asheville had happening on a Friday night. That was an experience for sure, it is a small area but it almost reminded a person of Woodstock. There were people in doorways playing drums or banjo’s, in the park area were several people playing drums. There were all kinds of drums, bongos, logs, snares and just about any type of drum you can think of. The people playing them were just anyone that walked up with a drum. It was quite a mix of people, it was different. The rest of the area was like something out of a movie with sidewalk dining, all types of people, kind of like the big city back in the 60’s with the hippies and such.

We had seen enough and returned to the campground for supper and doing some rest and relaxing.

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