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Well today is our last real day in Spain as we leave tomorrow on a long train journey from Seville to Barcelona

followed after a two hour break with another trip to Perpignan in France. We have really enjoyed Spain, particularly Bilboa and Granada. That said we would have liked extra time in Cordoba where we only spent one day as well as everywhere else. Beryl says she would like to come back for a month each in Bilboa and Granada. As she just said every time you turn a corner you come across another Plaza.

After Valencia we headed for Cordoba for just one night so I could show Beryl the Mezquita , an amazing building which started as a Christian place of worship, then the Moslems built in many stages to a mosque which held finally over 40000 worshippers. In 1236 king Ferdinard reconquered Cordoba and converted it to a Catholic cathedral in my opinion spoiling a beautiful building. A world heritage site.

On train trip to Granada lots of olive trees but squillions more from there to Sevilla. Granada was a highlight- especially the Alhambra . Beautiful mosaics and gardens, so much so that we queued for tickets from 7.15am and left about 5pm. Explored the medina, wonderfully interesting back streets like being in Morocco. Lovely lunch at

Moroccan restaurant , sunset over Alhambra, followed by lovely dinner. Eating like the Spanish somewhere usually between 10 and 11.30pm.

3 hour train trip to Sevilla - spectacular scenery - olive trees, the Serra Nevada, White houses in little villages, wind farms,.

Seville has an incredible Alcazar or Islamic palace area dating back to the 10century still the official residence of Spanish Royals when in Sevilla.. Magnificent ceramic decoration and gardens. Again we spent about 6 hours exploring it. Beryl was taken with the eucalypts. Have explored other areas such as the huge Plaza Espana the site of the 1929 Spanish American exposition. Have discovered a terrific restaurant where we are about to revisit tonight. From the sublime to the ridiculous there is an edifice like a honeycomb canopy over a large area Primarily to provide shade.

Enjoyed Sevilla but don't get the same buzz as in Bilboa and Granada.

Off to dinner and onwards to France.

Adios señoras y señoritas

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