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Day 4 was a big day with a total of 127k's ridden in pretty hot conditions. The roads today were brilliant and the scenery was just as good.

Today we were introduced to our first set of hills - dreaded by some - but all survived and got through. Today marks the half way point of this journey. There were some extremely happy faces last night knowing they had ridden just over 400k's in 4 days. Today is the rest day and is thoroughly deserved.

Yesterday went with out too much incident. Sure we had some bikes fall over (with no one on them), yes we had some flat tyres (Paul Burton x 2) but all in all a good days riding. A special mention to the rider of the day (in my opinion)- Courtney Smith - this young lady rode up the front pretty much all day, she climbed like a demon, and rode an awesome pace.

Stuart Ford also had a cracker section on the first set of rolling hills. He had obviously saved himself because he thrived and had a ball doing them.

Andrew Mostyn was heard to say that his non training approach to the ride needs to be revisited. Even though this is Andrew's fourth ride he realised today some training is a useful activity before such an event.

As predicted the girls are getting stronger each day. Jacquie and Ashlee both had sections today they smashed and will be forces to be reckoned with in the upcoming days.

Joe Finn is riding extremely well and he is clocking some quick speeds (down hill).

The team really helped each other at times today which was gratefully accepted by those who needed it. Well done everyone.

PS: Mali Blues - you did it again.

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