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Flooding of South Platte River along I-80 west of North Platte, NE

Flooding of South Platte River along I-80 west of North Platte, NE

South Platte River bridge and I-80 in Nebraska

More corn fields off I-80 in Nebraska near the Wyoming border

Camels at Terry Bison Ranch RV Resort, Cheyenne, WY

Union Pacific Depot, built in 1886, Cheyenne, WY

"The Iron Horse" across the street from Union Pacific Depot, Cheyenne, WY

Nice 1949 Dodge

Slammed Chevy pickup with Fe2O3 paint job. Sign on door: “Rust in...

In front of the Union Pacific Depot, Cheyenne, WY

These boots are all over town

Art work "Fast Food", coyote and hare, Cheyenne, WY

Driving I-25 south from Cheyenne and Denver

September 20, 2013 Cheyenne, Wyoming

We left the Holiday RV Park at 9 am and went to Timesaver #7 gas station (for diesel) which was across the street from the Ford dealership that Ross took his truck yesterday. What a misnomer of a name! The two RV lanes were under renovation and pulled into one of the other two diesel lanes. There was a truck in the other, pointed the wrong way. I waited at least ½ hour for the guy to finish. First he went back and forth to the office (I found out later to ask how to operate the pump), then he cleaned the side windows and mirrors, then he proceeded to get in the passenger side and light up a cigarette and drink his drink. By this time I was fuming so I walked over and told him I was waiting and for him to move it some place out of the way. Once I started to fill, the pump kept kicking off so it took me another 15 minutes to fill up. Diesel was $3.889/ gallon. It was close to 10 am before we got on I-80 west. The first thing we noticed was flooding along the farm land between I-80 and the South Platte River. I-80 parallels the South Platte River for 75 miles then crosses the River and heads northwest. Cherie said that yesterday when she and Marge went shopping, they crossed the River in town and there was very little water in it. The campground manager also said they expected the river to rise over night. We found out later that the River rose 14 feet 2 inches, setting a record in North Platte, Nebraska. About 30 miles west of North Platte, we crossed into Mountain Time. We stopped at Sidney, NE which is Cabela’s Corporate office; a massive complex with restaurants, hotels, truck stop and gas stations. We walked around Cabela’s and after looking at their food offering decided to have lunch at McDonald’s. Once we reached Cheyenne, WY, we stopped at the Flying-J a few miles south of Cheyenne on I-25 to top off. It was very busy; diesel was $3.929/ gallon. We then continue on I-25 about 8 miles to The Terry Bison Ranch Resort. After setting up we decided to drive into Cheyenne to look around. We were too late for the bus tour of the city so we opted for a walking tour with a guide booklet. 3/4th of the way we decided to visit the Elk’s Lodge for a drink. They were serving Mexican food so we stayed for dinner as well. It was starting to get dark when we left the Elk’s, so we skipped the rest of the tour and headed back to camp.

September 21, 2013 Cheyenne, Wyoming

We had intended to move on to Rock Springs today but Cherie wanted to drive down to Aurora, Co about 100 miles south on I-25 and I-470 to visit her Aunt Helen. Originally we had planned to go there yesterday via I-76 instead of going to Cheyenne; but with all the flooding around Boulder and Estes Park we didn’t think it wise. After checking the road conditions this morning, we decided to drive down in the truck for the day for a short visit. I-25 crosses hwy 34 and 36 where all the flooding is. We made good time except around these two highways where the traffic was slow and heavy for about 10 miles. I-470 bypasses Denver and passes near the Denver airport and Aurora. I-470 is a unmanned toll road where if you don’t have an electronic pass, they take a picture of you license plate and send you a bill in the mail. I don’t know what the toll will be for the 26 miles we traveled on I-470, but we will find out when we get home. There was some flooding around Helen's but not on her property. She wasn’t home when we arrived; Cherie call Helen before we left and she said she had an eye doctor’s appointment and would leave the back door unlocked. We were greeted by Nikky, Helen's dog. He was expecting Helen but when he determined that she wasn’t with us, he went back to his vigil looking out the front window at the driveway. When Helen showed up, we took her for a late lunch at one of her favorite places then back to her house. It was a nice but short visit. We went back the way we came but had a 30 minute delay because of an accident on I-25 near hwy 34. Tomorrow we head for Rock Springs.

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