Campground entrance

one of the several funny signs in this park

sunset in the NY countryside

Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown, they love her

the Studios and museum are next door to each other, 1 ticket...

The I Love Lucy show started as an extension of the radio...

She starred in radio first

first she as a model, Chesterfield Girl, radio personality then TV

Radio was big then...

stage set for the series

the living rood stage set

did you know...

did you know...

oh, really?

Her own theatre, wow...

one of the 5 murals around town.

another of the murals, this one, on the post office bldg...

remember that episode?

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute, a mecca for bird watchers

A patriotic town, too.

Oh, what a beautiful and easy 133 miles we had today to move from LeRoy to Randolph, NY near Jamestown, NY. We, as usual, had Rebecca start out with Dave finishing up the days drive. We took back highways through farmlands and country we'd never seen the likes of, before. Our route followed the Genesee River going due South then once on I-86 West we picked up the Allegheny River and followed it. The little town of Randolph is not far from our targeted tour town of Jamestown. We'll be staying at the Pope Haven campground, a Passport America member, for this two night stay.

With only one day to tour for this stop, we've chosen to see the Lucille Ball museum. It's actually the Lucy Desi Museum. A quick check of our resources tells us that the intrepid tourist can also find Desilu Studios, I Love Lucy Murals (5), Lucy's Birthplace, Lucy's Childhood Home, Lake View Cemetery where Lucy's ashes rest.

When we finished our romp around Jamestown, we found the Desilu Studios and Lucy Museum next door to each other. For one price of admission you get both places and we opted for the audio guide as well. $34 was the total and well worth it. We could've spent more time as we usually like to read everything, but the audio guide kinda does that for ya. For more information check out www.Lucy-Desi.com Every August is a Lucy Festival celebrating her birth, Aug 6, 1911. Lucy is big business in this little city. And, so we learned that from her very humble and austere beginning she rose above the circumstance to stardom. She is more impressive to us now than before.

We can't get by without mentioning that Jamestown is also the birthplace Dr. Roger Tory Peterson, the naturalist, artist who in 1934 set the bird watching world on it's heels with the production of a new book, A Field Guide to the Birds, meant for all bird watching fanciers. Dave uses his Peterson Field Guide as his "go to" book. Any bird watching tourist should come to Jamestown to enjoy the wonderful pairing of the R. T. Peterson museum (rtpi.org) and the Audubon Center and Sanctuary (jamestownaudubon.org). The Audubon Center has a 600 acre wetland area with trails and bird watching spots for you to enjoy. There is also a three-story nature center with a small collection of reptiles, amphibians, fish and a non-releasable bald eagle name Liberty. Time would not permit us to go to the Audubon Center.

Our next stop is near Jefferson, Ohio (NE Ohio) for a 10 day stretch and boy are we looking forward to a rest from the fast pace we've had recently.

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