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First look at Lake Superior

Only eagle we caught on camera

Lake Superior

Moving right along. Missed the state signs for Wisconsin. Biggest event of the day was our first look at Lake Superior! Never thought I'd see the 5 Great Lakes - only studied about them in geography. We drove through many little towns today. All very patriotic with flags out. Quaint with two story homes.

Cindy has been using an app on the Iphone to find places to stay. Leading us on wild goose chases as some mentioned are non existant. Good thing we aren't in a hurry. Finally found a spot right on the lake. Little Sand Bay near the Apostle Islands. Electric hook up only but a quiet place and near a little harbor for fishing boats and a swimming beach.

Lots of mosquitoes and no cell service or internet data service. We unhooked to drive to Red Cliff to be able to text the kids where we were.

Cindy spent the evening sewing snaps on the curtains she had made for the Casita. Works better than the safety pins.

Chilly and foggy.

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