LeRoy used to be a much bigger and more important town

We stayed here at the Frost Ridge Cmpgrd

awkward site for our big rig

amongst other things the park has many luscious apple trees

We went to the Jell-O museum

We saw a few but didn't have time to hunt down all...

The little Jell-O girl, a painting from the 1940's

A little about how Jell-O is made and debunks rumor

The official seal of the old company given to the museum by...

The little Jell-O girl was Elizabeth King, shown here about 4 yrs...

About Jell-O

About Jell-O

Most favorite flavor is Strawberry, Dave's is Black Cherry AND Cherry, Yours?

one of the old painting used for advertisement

another of the old paintings used for ads

amongst the first of the modern type of packaging 1940's

300+ employees, mostly women made the product in the factory in LeRoy

Baseball trading cards? Dave didn't have any when he was growing up

sign upon entering

in the basement is more LeRoy heritage items

more about LeRoy

some of the other items that used to be made here

some beautiful carriages

This owned by one of the prominent families here, long ago

The LeRoy home on Main Street, Jell-O is behind it.

about the LeRoy home

Three Fuller cousins never before met, came together here

at this restaurant used to be a rail depot

All six of us, enjoying the luncheon menu

L to R, Kevin Fuller, Duane Fuller & Dave Fuller

The drive from Clayton to LeRoy was a pleasant 210 miles through farmlands and lovely small towns that are common in northern New York. We arrived at the Frost Ridge Campground and settled quickly. This short stop of three nights has two purposes; visit with friends and relatives then sightsee the Jell-O Gallery.

Our Canadian friends, the Dippels whom we visited this time last year, were camping near. The Letchworth State Park is about 28 miles away from us and is one of the most beautiful parks we've seen and is known as "The Grand Canyon of the East." The Genessee River runs through it and has carved the great canyon one stands in awe on the edge. Our visit with the Dippel and other friends, Terry and Marie was a wet and cold day but ended with a terrific BBQ of cornish game hens. Yummm.

We surely didn't know as we arrived in LeRoy that this little village used to be a very busy town of manufacturing importance. Here was made the LeRoy plow, silk stockings, two explosives plants, carriage factories, pharmacologies making and finally in 1897 the American favorite dessert of Jell-O was invented. Jell-O was made here until 1964. Now the factory is shut down and moved to Dover, Delaware, all that remains in LeRoy is a Jell-O Gallery museum. The tourist should spend about 1 1/2 hours here after spending the $4.50 to get in. You'll learn certain trivia such as 13 boxes are purchased every minute, Strawberry is THE favorite flavor. The Jell-O gallery is behind the LeRoy House on Main st. home of the man for whom the town is named. The LeRoy home is open to the public to tour and is a grand example of homes from an era long gone.

After both of these two events came another wonderful meeting of "the Fullers". Three long lost cousins of the Fuller clan and their wives met at a local restaurant, The D & R Depot Restaurant. It was Kevin, Duane and Dave Fuller. What a terrific meeting catching up on the past and getting to know one an other.

Next stop Jamestown, NY! Stay tuned...

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