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We finally arrived on the Island at 12.00 noon, after 15 hours of buses and boats to find no where had any accommodation free. We sat on the beach at Mom's cafe on Coral Bay trying to decide what to do. The Vicky noticed someone leaving the reception of the guesthouse behind us with a backpack and she ran over to and asked if there old room was free, we got it for 60 Ringit a night (about 10 pound between us). We were tired and our spirits were low, the island is a paradise but very basic. The most luxurious accommodation is a hut with its own bathroom with a cold shower and a fan. There is only electricity at night and a few hours during the day! I had almost decided to leave the next day when that night we met up with a really good crowd and discovered that no one leaves the island after only one day. In fact most get trapped here and only leave the Island to go to the mainland to get more money! There was Louise from Denmark, Peter from Sweden, and Phil from Canada, we had a BBQ with then on the beach, a beer and shared a small bottle of Baileys Ruth had given me as a present.

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