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Longaberger Baskets Homestead , Dresden, Ohio

Cherie making her Longaberger basket

Cherie signing her Longaberger basket

Longaberger basket signed by Cherie

The finished product

Worlds largest apple basket, Longaberger Baskets , Dresden, Ohio

Train bridge out of Zanesville, Ohio, too low for motorhomes

"Y" bridge in Zanesville, Ohio

Court house, Zanesville, Ohio built in 1874

September 8, 2013 Zanesville, Ohio

We drove about 175 miles from Morgantown, West Virginia to Zanesville, Ohio. In the process, we passed through Pennsylvania then to West Virginia again then to Ohio; all the time traveling west. We stopped at the Pilot Truck stop in Cambridge, Ohio for fuel; diesel was $4.089/ gallon. It was a nice drive, first on I-70 then on I-68. It was mostly mountainous terrain or what passes for mountainous terrain for this part of the country. The mountain passes are less than 2200 feet; also lots of farming in this part of the country. We are staying at Wolfies campground. It is very nice with full hookups and 50 amps. The WiFi is very good as well. It is a few miles out of town and is quiet except for the train that is some distance away but comes through at various times day and night. The track runs along the Muskingum River just over the hill to the west of the campground.

September 9, 2013 Zanesville, Ohio

We slept in this morning. We plan to do some sightseeing today and tomorrow. Today we visited the Longaberger Basket Company in Dresden, about 20 miles away. To get there we continued on the road from the Zanesville to the campground that runs along the Muskingum River. A few miles in, there is a low train bridge in which you have maneuver a chicane in the road that passes under the train tracks. The height is 10 feet-7 inches; too low for the motorhomes. We drove the truck so there wasn’t a problem. There is a sign warning of the low bridge so no trucks are on the road. Our tour of the Longaberger Basket tour included the four of us and one other person, it lasted for about 90 minutes, but the time went fast. The tour was given by Kenny, the first employee hired by Dave Longaberger, the founder of the company. The company founded in 1973, once employed 8000 people but now only 500 people work there. The make hand-made baskets made from maple. There are currently 60 weavers (all women) that make the baskets; the weaver signs each basket they make. The tour was very interesting and I was surprised at how fast the tour appeared to go. After the tour, we drove about a quarter mile down the road to the Longaberger Homestead. Longaberger Baskets is diversifying their enterprise with kitchen ware and cook ware. The homestead includes a shop of the products they make, restaurant, replica of the family home, a main promenade anchored at one end by the world’s largest apple basket and on the other end by Crawford Barn. I won’t go into the details of Crawford Barn but inside you can make a basket with the help of trained weavers. Cherie and Marge made a basket while Ross and Elden toured the grounds. After leaving the grounds, we attempted to drive to the Longaberger Home Office building. The 7 story building is made in the shape of a basket. We went in the wrong direction to find the building so we put that off until tomorrow if we have time. On our way back to camp we decided to visit the “Y” bridge. This bridge which has three branches, spans the confluence of the Muskingum and Licking Rivers. There is a park on a hill that overlooks the “Y” bridge as well as the city of Zanesville. On the way to the bridge, we passed a very ornate building, built in 1874, is the court house. Its predecessor built in 1809, served as Ohio’s capitol from Oct 1810 to May 1812. Zanesville is an interesting place, worth more than a few days visit. We will spend one more day here before moving on.

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