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A long boat ride into the jungle...

The canopy walk (seven narrow bridges/walks high above the jungle floor). Higher...

Civilization (of sorts) in the national park/jungle - Taman Negara. Our guest...

This morning we met at 5:30a.m. to catch a 90 minute taxi ride, to take us to a 5 hour train ride, to take us to a 3 hour boat ride into Taman Negara National Park in Northern Malaysia. I don't mean to complain about my "quasi-retirement" but what I REALLY REALLY need is a vacation!

Anyway, after all that travelling, we landed at our guest house - The Taman House. I'm sharing the room with Nicole from Germany. The room has two twin pads (not beds) side by side and the bathroom has running water (cold), a hole in the floor as a toilet, a showerhead over the hole which serves as a shower, and a friendly gecko or two roaming the walls. It's a little, how shall I say..."rustic"! And tomorrow night the Intredid gang of 7 is sleeping high in the jungle, in something called a Hide - similar to what they have in Africa to view wildlife at night. We will sleep on the floor of a wooden structure, carry in/out everything, and HOPEFULLY see the most gorgeous scenery which will make the 2 day trek worth it! I don't mean to be high maintenance or anything but a western style toilet would make me very happy right now!

The good news is that the train and boat ride were truly spectacular. The train ride was great because it forced me to slow down a bit and catch up with my thoughts and my writing. And the boat ride, although uncomfortable after a couple of hours, was very scenic rainforest complete with King Fishers, a huge dragon-like lizard, and dozens of water buffalo.

Tomorrow we are doing a canopy walk in the morning and then embarking on our two day trek into the jungle.

Other highlights so far:

- Eating amazing food at the many side alleyways, food stahls, and markets. Last night we had cockles and other seafood at a knee-high table in a concrete alleyway. Seven of us squatted down on stools tearing apart yummy seafood. Wait until you see the photos!

- Trishaw drive around Touristy Melaka with a stop mid-way to buy socks for the trek (to protect against leeches).

- Baba House in Melaka (the guest house)

- Sampling every kind of fruit available including the dreaded Durien.

- Heat, humidity, and more heat.

- Did I mention the mosquito bites running up and down my legs. Kind of starting to feel like I'm on "Survivor".

Love to all,


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