Atlantic Canada by Bicycle 2013 travel blog

day 11

Woke to find storms passing to the North and South of us. 50km/hr winds to start the day. My blue pad was blown out of the tent vestibule and got caught in bushes just short of the ocean. 5 of us took optional short cut so we could, hopefully, get to camp before forecasted afternoon thunder showers. Tim thought he took the wrong turn to get back on the main route. He stopped to get directions and was given confirmation he was going the right way. Later he wasn't seeing the cue sheet land marks so he continued until he found someone to ask again. Now he found out he had gone 25 km in the wrong direction.

There was a tail wind to start the ride, cross wind in the middle and tail wind to finish. Cloudy and cool.

Got tents set up and the the rain came for several hours as the rest of the riders came in soaking wet. Two rented a cabin for the night so they could dry out. Rain stopped just before dinner so it wasn't so bad. The cabins turned out to be too hot. Our tents cooled off quickly to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Dinner: clam chowder


86.9km 68.0 km/hr max

675 m climbing

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