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'The Dueling Fools' stage show; more humor that dueling

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Dwarf Gimli from Lord of the Rings?

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September 2, 2013 Gambrills, Maryland

Today is Labor Day. It has been hot and humid every day and today will be the same. We went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival; it is senior day and we get in free. The annual festival ruins from Aug. 24 through Oct 20 this year. The permanent facility has about 7 outdoor stages and several taverns that actors produce skits or music to entertain the guests. There are lots of actors in costume playing renaissance characters with lots of ‘thy’ and ‘thou’ and M’lady and M’lord; none of ‘what can I getcha’. Several guests were dressed up in costume as well; not all were renaissance dress though. Most if not all of the shops displayed goods hand made by local artist including clothing, woodwork, glass blowing, pottery and wall decorations. There were lots of places to buy food and beverages as well. It was very hot and we sought shade whenever possible. At 2 pm, the hottest part of the day, was the jousting tournament. The arena and bleachers are in full sun. Fortunately it didn’t last too long and when it was over everyone headed for the shade. The Jousters had to be cooking in their suits of armor. After the jousting tournament we headed back to Jan and Bob’s; back to the air conditioned house.

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