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On the wall

The wall passage



One of the towers

Looking down




The organ in St George

Inside St George

The Wooden bell wheel


View from the top 1






The Old Rathaus

One of the houses in the wall

Today we headed to the historic town of Nordlingen. The location in which the town sits has an interesting history. About 15 million years ago a meteorite of nearly one kilometre in diameter impacted the Alb Plateau close to the site of Nordlingen today. The impact created a crater of 25km in diameter, the rim of which is still apparent today as you drive to Nordlingen.

The history as with many towns in this area goes back to Roman times when a castle was built on the site in 85AD. However the first official mention of the town was in 898. The town became an important trading centre in the Middle Ages. One of the major features of the town is that is only one of three remaining walled medieval towns in Germany. In fact it has the most complete medieval walls which circle the town. The walls were built in the 14th century. We decided to walk the 2.7km around the walls. It certainly was a walk with a difference. We lost count of the number of towers around the wall (We think there was 10 in the end). We were also fascinated by the houses built into the wall with their gardens in the old moat. The walk certainly gave you a different perspective of the town.

After our walk around the walls we then visited the other major historic sites within the town. The key one was the St George Church which was built between 1427 and 1505 and is one of the largest Late Gothic hall churches in Southern Germany. Its main claim to fame is its tower known as Daniel 90 metres high. Climbing the tower was a good cardiac workout with the first two levels being stairs and the up 4 further levels by rather steep and narrow wooden steps. The view from the top was worth it as you could clearly see the almost perfect circle of the town walls, the uniform roofs of the houses and the rim of the crater in the distance.

We also learnt that between 10pm and midnight the tower watchman at the top of the tower calls out “So G’sell, so” (roughly translated means ”ah, so that’s how it is lads” ) which goes back to 1440 when it was discovered the town guards left the town gate open after being bribed , bur was discovered.

After a very interesting exploration of the town we headed back to base.

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